Waldemar Huesing

Waldemar Huesing

Dipl.-Ing. Waldemar Hüsing was born on 2 January 1909 in Hamburg. In the years 1930-33 he acquired the Bauhaus diploma in Dessau as a student of Mies van der Rohe. From 1937-42 he was employed by the Reichsbahndirektion in Augsburg with the drafts for the construction of a management building and a new Munich central station. Shortly after the bombing of Lübeck on 28./29. In March 1942 Hüsing came to Lübeck to participate in the reconstruction. Since his conscription to the Wehrmacht on April 12, 1943, he worked until the end of the war in various construction departments of the Wehrmacht leading. After his release from the internment on 26 September 1947 and the determination of political safety in the context of his denazification process, he resumed on January 2, 1948 his service in the construction management again. Waldemar Hüsing and his colleague Klaus Spahr were responsible for a total of five cinema buildings in Lübeck in the 1950s: the Holstentor Lichtspiele, the St.-Jürgen-Lichtspiele, the "Gloria" on Marli, the "Rex" in Kücknitz and the "Ring "in the district of St. Lawrence-South. Waldemar Hüsing died on 18 August 1979.




Waldemar Huesing

Draft of a hallway with bar in constructivist
Mural in the style of rhythm couleurs.
Cover colors on light cardboard under original passe-partout, there signed and self-titled, around 1931. 18x16 cm


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