Martha Cunz

Martha Cunz

Martha Cunz (1876 – 1961) was a Swiss artist who is best known as a printmaker. As one of the earliest 20th century European artists to master the modernist woodcut, she was influential on other artists (Kandinsky)



1."Blick auf den Säntis", woodcut in colors, 1904, monogrammed (plate), signed and entitled by hand, appr. 30x25cm. One of her most famous works, which inspired even Kandinsky in his work "Eisenbahn bei Murnau" (1909).

Ref.: catalogue "Crossing Cultures" Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren. P.17, No.11


2. Am Thunersee, 1912. woodcut in colors, noted

Handdruck No 8, left lower side. monogrammed: CM, below signed: M. Cunz, ca. 24 x 29cm


3. Dämmerung, 1927. woodcut in colors. Handdruck No 18, noted lower left side. monogrammed: CM, entitled Dämmerung. ca. 27 x
x 29cm


4. Flötenkonzert, woodcut in colors, 1907, monogrammed in print, noted and signed. Appr.. 21 x 28,5 cm (print)


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