Paul Schmidtbauer

Paul Schmidtbauer


1892-1974 Moved with 6 years to Graz. Began working as an autodidact. Later he studied at the Grazer Landeskunstschule and at the Wiener Grafischen Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt, made a couple of journeys. He became famous by making his cycle of murals at styrian inns. 1922 he was decorated with the Staatspreis and 1923 with the Goldenen Medaille der Stadt Graz. Co-Founder of the Grazer Sezession (same year). 1925 he made the murals at the Grazer Arbeiterkammer.

picture description


1. Commission of Constructors, woodcut, hand colored, signed and titled on hand made paper (Japan). 10.2 to 12.8


2. Tusche and watercolor, around 1908, monogrammed.

14 to 21cm


3. "Traumröserl", act, gouache on cardboard, signed on painting and passpartout. Verso stamp of the artist. 12 to 9 cm

4.Woodcut, hand colored, test print, signed, on thin hand made paper (Japan), Sheet: 14 to 11 cm Plate: 11.7 to 9.5 cm


5."Urlandschaft mit Meteoriteneinschlägen", gouache on cardboard. Titled, signed and dated (1923). Verso technical plan. 21 to 31 cm


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